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Dr. Gorczyca’s artwork catalog is up on Artwork Archive. You’re now able to peruse the entire catalog online.

If you have any questions about these or other artwork that might be available, please contact Dr. Ken Gorczyca using the contact form below.


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artist statement

I paint portraits of nature, cities, and animals. My body of work includes outside scenes of wilderness, national parks, and gardens.  I especially enjoy capturing portraits of animal companions and the human-animal bond.

Both brush and knife help craft thick textures of built-up acrylic paint. My paintings are sculpted from my experiences as a veterinarian, AIDS activist, and survivor, and the love of clouds and the elements. Bright color and deep shadow are important to me.

Painting nature has allowed me to explore color, light, and shape, which easily morph, into my fascination of animal form and gestures. My figures are surrounded by backgrounds of an “edible icing” quality and aliveness of their own.

I like to paint outdoors in nature while sitting on the ground – feeling Gaia or the Earth directly. My landscapes try to capture the essence of the moment and the quick movement of the sun and shadow.  My paintings have a certain physicality, which allows for a dynamic approach to the models and scenes from which I work.


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